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Felix Sabates' Divorce Case Reveals Grand-Am Background Payments

We try to stay away from gossip and tittle tattle at DSC but a story that has been doing the rounds in the past week or so deserves airing here.

The divorce case of Felix Sabates, partnered of course with Chip Ganassi in the Grand-Am team that bears both their names, has thrown up some interesting background to the start-up of the team.

The gist of the story surrounds the arrangements provided to enable the team to start-up, and to guarantee a profit.

In a deposition included with the filing, Felix Sabates testified that the late Bill France Jr., NASCAR’s former CEO, offered him and partner Chip Ganassi $1 million “out of his own pocket” to start a team and said he would also guarantee $400,000 in annual profits. Ganassi and Sabates entered Grand-Am racing in 2004.

In his testimony, Sabates said Bill France’s son, current NASCAR chief executive Brian France, kept up the payments when his father later became sick, but that the payments stopped when Bill France died in 2007.